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Next Generation Business Capabilities

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Onit will address all of your managed IT solutions needs, adapting our strategies and applying our experience to provide you with a personalized reliable service. We precisely tailor our services to fulfill the needs of your unique business.


Protection is critical. When you discover you have a security problem, it is already too late. Building the strongest defenses that time and money allow is key to reducing risk. Internet and data security works best in layers: there is no single, bulletproof technology or product.

Part-time CTO

Participate in management decisions

Communicate technology strategy

Oversee research and development

Technology trends


Daily fire-fighting to delivering awesome customer service. We provide great visibility and central control in dealing with IT issues to ensure that businesses suffer no downtime. For 10 years and running, we have been delivering smiles to hundreds of IT folks, and stakeholders.

We specialize in offering customers a white-glove service and are dedicated to providing the best experience in information technology as possible.

Why is IT so important? The bottom line is that your competitors are using it to be more efficient and your customers expect it to make their interactions with your business more convenient and secure. Your competitors are digitizing their inventory management, scheduling, HR functions, accounting, and more so that they can lower overhead and work more efficiently. Your customers want to be able to make secure purchases, interact with you online, schedule appointments, and more. Plus, keeping your IT up to date is crucial for security purposes.


Managed Service

Advanced Automated Alerting

Managed Service

Automatic Updating / Patching

Managed Service

Advanced Firewall & Threat Protection

Cyber Security


Cyber Security

Compliance and Regulations

Cyber Security

Custom Solution Development

Virtual CTO

Training and Education

Virtual CTO

Analytics and Cost Savings

Virtual CTO

Physical Repair

Emergency Support

Remote Rescue / Remote Support

Emergency Support

Disaster Recovery

Emergency Support



No Problem, Project, or Question to big or too small.

The Onit IT Modernization Process

Managed Services for Any size business

IT Asset and Process Analysis

Our team works to understand every aspect of your business IT capabilities and assets to make an encompassing solution.

IT Business Roadmap & Future Plan

Our team will work with you create and plan an implementation strategy that best leverages your current and possible additional IT assets to reach your businesses goals.


Sustained Operations

Our team works with you to create a regular preventative maintenance plan, to ensure your business runs at maximum efficiency with the least downtime as possible.

Driven Optimization & Cost Savings

Our team will continue to work with you to continually integrate and continually develop best practices, best policies and work with youto make sure you deliver the best experience for your customers.



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As Onit continues to grow, our goal remains to build a business where our team members share in developing creative solutions to meet the needs of our clients. We have a passion for understanding our customers’ business needs, and we know that our success in delivering solutions that meet those needs means investing in our most important asset – our employees.

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